Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oh, That 'Angry' New York Times

Someone on the Times' editorial board has been sipping at the same sarcasm stream so many 'angry' bloggers drink from:
"The House has a much more simple-minded solution: walling immigrants out and calling the rest felons. Like the baffled hominids of "2001: A Space Odyssey," they are poking at the Senate's big-picture approach with a leg bone.

"Their plan is to travel the country this summer holding public hearings on the Senate bill. That will probably just kill immigration reform for the year ... .

"But what the Republicans really want to do is take the Senate bill on a perp walk through the red states, relishing the catcalls denouncing it as "amnesty" and using the hearings to milk whatever anti-immigrant resentment they can find or drum up for the benefit of their candidates. Their motives couldn't be clearer.

* * *
"Given the topics that have preoccupied Congress lately, one wonders why the Republicans don't simply propose a catchall bill aimed at illegal gay liberal Mexican flag burners and be done with it."

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