Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Rocket Wipes The Field

The Rocket wipes the field ... or rather their windshields:
"Playing at a minor league stadium near Kentucky's famous horse farms, with one son at third base and the rest of the family in a luxury suite, with the song 'Rocket Man' blaring through the speakers and fans wearing 'Rocket Relaunch' T-shirts, Clemens gave up one run in three innings to the Lake County Captains. * * *

"The most poignant father-son moment was also the most genuine. In the top of the third inning, Koby Clemens walked solemnly toward the mound at Applebee's Park. His father braced for words of advice about the next hitter. 'One more strikeout," Koby Clemens said, "and everybody in the stadium gets wiper fluid.'"

At which point, 45-year old Roger Clemens struck out two more batters, and an estimated 9,000 fans got their windshield wiper fluid.

Lexington, for today anyway, has the cleanest windshields in America.

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