Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lesson of Five Flags

There may be some hope for Bush if he's looking to be redeemed by history, or at least Pop History. The proof is right here in Pensacola where, once again, we are celebrating our own 'Mission Accomplished', the storied 1559 landing of Don Tristan de Luna on the shores of Pensacola.

DeLuna was vain, stupid, incompetent, slightly insane, and a complete failure. His rank ineptitude directly contributed to the needless deaths of thousands and almost a century's delay in settling this part of the New World. Contemporaries reviled him and he died alone, abandoned even by his wife, and in disgrace.

Four hundred and forty-seven years later, however, we name steeets, condos, tourist shops, and even designate an 'honorary' "Tristan De Luna" after him. And we party on.

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