Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Florida Federal Attorney Arrested

Omigawd. A second Assistant U.S. Attorney in Florida has been busted -- this time, along with his wife. The Ft. Myers News-Press is reporting this afternoon --
Russell C. Stoddard, a local attorney for the U.S. Justice Dept., and his wife were arrested this morning by Lee County sheriff's deputies for domestiic [sic] violence and battery charges, a sheriff's booking report said.

Both are now in the Lee County Jail.

An arrest affidavit said Stoddard,52, pushed his wife, Leslie off a dock early this morning.

She also accused her husband of hitting her a few days prior, according to the report filed by Deputy Terrance Guetler.

Leslie Stoddard is a U.S. District court clerk.
Is it the water? The sand? The mold? The despicable depths to which Republicans have sunk in general?

One supposes we should be grateful the arrested couple didn't have a small child or a large animal with them at the time.

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Attorney Federal Way said...

Oh boy! What a shame! They should be the one battling against all this illegalities. What's happening today is just a proof that you have nothing to trust but yourself. Thanks for sharing!