Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pensacola U.S. Attorney Becomes An "Unperson"

It's always a challenge to an organization when its leader suddenly is accused of a heinous criminal act. Despite what we are pleased to call "the American way" of presuming the accused innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, it doesn't take long for most inchoate business entities -- corporations, foundations, non-profits, partnerships, and the like -- to distance themselves from the defendant.

Sometimes it happens almost overnight. So, it seems, with the Gulf Breeze Sports Association.

As of late last night, the chairman of the GBSA's board of directors was "Roy Atchison," as the first screen shot, below, shows (click the image for a closeup):

That's the same Roy Atchison, also known as "John David R. Atchison, 53, of Gulf Breeze, Fla." who was arrested in Detroit yesterday on a federal criminal complaint of using interstate commerce while "attempting... to persuade, induce, or entice" a 5 y.o. girl "to engage in criminal sexual activity... ."

Today, he and all of his fellow board members seem to have been disappeared from the GBSA's web site. Take a look at the same web site page from this morning (screen shot # 2 below, click the image for a closeup):

Roy Atchison? Don't know him. Never heard of him.

12:30 pm

Reliable sources tell us three F.B.I. agents were seen this morning exiting the Atchison home in Gulf Breeze. Among those things impounded: at least one vehicle and, we are told, all the home computer equipment.


Anonymous said...

There was a guy like this (his own daughters) in St. Petersberg who killed himself last week..a Republcan City Council member.
One has to be careful not to let children near Republicans. They sing one song about family values but behind closed doors are deviants.

Anonymous said...

Of course innocent until proven guilty, but why would a married man with children take a Dora the Explorer doll and petroleum jelly (which was on his person on leaving the plane) if he is NOT guilty of the charges. My heart truly goes out to his wife and children.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to email Teresa at gbsa@mchsi.com and tell her about the <strike> tag. She can use it to repost the staff list with Roy's name crossed out. LOL.

Anonymous said...

OH yeah, let's take it out on Teresa at GBSA because she had something to do with it .... Anonymous - GET A LIFE!