Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Federal Attorney, Court Clerk Jailed in Fracus

The Bonita Daily News has more details about your daily Assistant U.S. Attorney scandal in Florida.
A shove in the canal and a punch in the eye have landed both Assistant U.S. Attorney Russell Stoddard, 52, and his wife, Leslie, a U.S. District clerk, in Lee County jail on battery and domestic violence charges. Both work at the federal courthouse in downtown Fort Myers.
According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy was called to the Stoddards’ Fort Myers home at around 3 a.m. Wednesday...
* * *
Leslie Stoddard said that her husband had thrown both her cell phone and work phone into the canal in their back yard, and that she was going to throw his passport into the water in retaliation, but Russell Stoddard followed her to the dock and pushed her into the canal, according to authorities.

There's more, including some blood and gore "on the bed and both pillows" for those whose reading tastes run in that direction.

As for us, we think Scott Horton's "Bait and Switch in the Attorney General's Office" makes for better reading about a much more important scandal concerning Justice Department personnel: George Bush's decision, on Monday, to throw Acting Attorney General Paul Clement overboard after only 24 hours in the job and appoint Peter Keisler in his place.

Horton has superb sources in and out of the Justice Department, and the explanation he gives for this extraordinary (and woefully under-covered) switcheroo is compelling. The machinations the Bush White House is going through may seem a bit complex, if you haven't been following the story closely. But deep into the article Horton summarizes it neatly:
Keisler means “straight line continuity with Alberto Gonzales, his policies and approaches.” Does that mean continued politicization of the Justice Department? Yes.
Horton is too polite to say so, but what it also means is this: Bush's newest man at the top -- the Acting Attorney General, Peter Keisler -- has marching orders to cover-up White House crimes.

So, to us the biggest U.S. Attorney scandal of all is how the White House continues to rape the Justice Department while America looks on and does nothing to stop it.

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