Sunday, January 13, 2008

Candidate for President of 9 /11

The candidate for President of 9/11 is coming to Pensacola this week. If he can afford the bus fare.
"Sure, he has no foreign or national policy experience, and both his personal life and political career are riddled with scandal," said Hammond. "But in the key area of having been on TV on 9/11, the other candidates simply cannot match him. And as we saw in 2004, that's what matters most to voters in this post-9/11 world."
* * *
"Letting 9/11 fall into the hands of the Democrats in 2008 would be nothing short of a national tragedy," Giuliani said. "Ever since 9/11 was founded that fateful day on 9/11, 9/11 has stood for one thing: 9/11."
He will speak on this topic: "Subject, Verb, 9/11."

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