Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire Effects

So, how to explain the New Hampshire surprise? Some posit the "Bradley effect."
White voters who said that they were undecided break in statistically large numbers toward the white candidate, and many of the white voters who said that they were likely to vote for the black candidate ultimately cast their ballot for the white candidate.
Digby, channeling Pam Spaulding, says it might be the "Tweety effect."
where the misogyny of a talking head in the MSM so enrages a demographic that they go out and vote in a manner that will put egg on the face of the talking head.
Jane Hamsher wonders if it the unexpected vote surge was due to what might be called the Edwards effect.
Clinton took them from Edwards. Did his pivot against her during the last debate and his comments yesterday contribute to what happened?
Brad Friedman is worried it might be the Diebold Effect. It seems three quarters of all paper ballots in New Hampshire --
are counted on hackable Diebold op-scan systems, with completely hackable memory cards, all programmed and managed by LHS Associates.
We don't have enough facts to form a useful opinion, other than this: There is much to be thankful for in seeing both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama take their erudite, informed, and important dialog on the issues of the day out of the cornfields of Iowa and New Hampshire's woods into the heart of the nation.

An early end to the Democratic primary season, as the mainstream media was predicting, would not have been in the public interest.

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