Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nelson's Clumsy Endorsement

Bill Nelson's apparent intent to endorse Hillary Clinton today is puzzling. If he was to do it, why wait until the last day voters go to the polls?

Substantial numbers of Florida voters have cast their ballots early and we would judge many who might be influenced by what Nelson thinks are not likely to hear about it until late today or tomorrow, anyway. It's a small pebble thrown on the pond that will make no waves.

Nelson's endorsement can't help Hillary much in Florida; certainly not as much as a full-throated endorsement might have done two weeks ago. And Nelson's influence hardly extends a millimeter beyond our borders, so it will have even less impact on Super Tuesday.

So, Hillary can't be all that thrilled. Neither can Barack Obama, of course. It all seems rather clumsy, ineffectual, and counter-productive, especially for someone who surely yearns to be on the short list for V.P.


Sinfonian said...

Sen. Nelson told me he was "waiting to see how the candidates treat Florida."

So much for that, since the info on the endorsement leaked last Friday.

Aikäne said...

The good senator has about as much relevance as a sour dishrag that fell in the rinse water after the dishes were washed.