Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Don't Cry For Thee, Maureen Dowd

Jon Swift plagiarizes the vile Maureen Dowd.


Mo MoDo said...

It is more of a satire than plagiarism.

less modo said...

Of course it's satire. But to MoDo with her nauseating sense of self importance it would look like stealing. Anyone else would rather steal from Jon Swift.

TrumanDem said...

It's not just about MoDo. Its the entire MSM and the corporate pawns they have become. MoDo is part and parcel to it. Digby sums it up best with this observation on election night after the networks began to call the New Hampshire primary for Hillary:

"This is glorious. If the media can understand that their catty, elitist, high school Heathers-like mentality will ultimately backfire, maybe they'll shut their mouths for a second and rethink their job description."

Exactly. For some reason that only she knows, any mention of Clinton by MoDo and its a pavlovian signal for her to shift into high school mode.

Trumandem, proprietor, editor, and the guy who sweeps out the place for Truman's Conscience