Thursday, January 10, 2008

Florida Carrion for Sale

40 cents on the dollar:
"South Florida is our principal focus,'' said Arsenault, 60. "If you're a vulture, Florida has more carrion. This stuff is lying on the ground. It's lost life. * * *

Arsenault said he and his three partners may buy a block of about 50 new, unsold condominiums in Orlando, Florida. They have a price in mind and they're willing to wait until they get it: 40 cents on the dollar.
* * *
Companies such as Miami-based Lennar, the biggest U.S. homebuilder by revenue, need to generate cash to make up for slowing home sales, especially this time of year, said Vicki Bryan, a Friendswood, Texas-based senior high-yield debt analyst for Gimme Credit LLC.

"They sold land at 40 cents on the dollar and they're happy to get it,'' Bryan said. "The value of land is eroding by the minute.''

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From The Onion, Jimmy Carter finally has his say, gubdammit. A must read!

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