Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blindly Looking Forward

Florida headlines:
  • Judy Hall of Gulf Breeze, age 61, was arrested yesterday and "charged with carrying a concealed weapon, bringing a gun onto a school campus and resisting arrest without violence." She had her reasons, even if they were patently idiotic. Let's look forward, people, not backward.

  • In Lauderdale Lake, Florida, four men have been "charged with killing a Sunrise man in a case of mistaken identity that started with threats made on a social networking site and through text messaging." But, hey, they made a mistake, that's all. We shouldn't dwell on the past. Let's concentrate on the future.

  • In Miami two days ago, a police patrol car that was supposed to be slowly cruising along struck and killed "a Florida City landscaper as he crossed the street in front of his house." The good news is the dead man's last act was to push his wife out of the path of the recklessly speeding patrol car. No need to wait on the driver's toxicology test results. Let him go. We need to appreciate what we have, not look back on what we've lost.

  • Along the Florida Turnpike in south Florida earlier this week, Miami-Dade police pulled a truck driver over after a large piece of styrofoam blew off the truck, revealing half a ton of marijuana on its way to market. How pointless, to arrest a hard working man who's struggling just to survive in this dicey economy. Call off the investigators! We need to face forward, not back!
National headlines:
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs explained Monday that the White House does not plan for the Justice Department to prosecute even the highest-level Bush administration executives who ordered torture, contrary to U.S. law and international treaties. Why?
  • MR. GIBBS: "The President is focused on looking forward, that's why."

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