Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Richburg Rumpus

Northwest Florida College's president, Bob Richburg, is facing trial on state felony charges. Now, he has more to worry about.

A self-described "muckraker" with "no ax to grind" -- retired Air Force officer Alan Vafides of Fort Walton Beach-- has filed a state ethics complaint against Richburg for failing to disclose his close business ties with former state senator Charlie Clary. Ditto that last for college board member Jody Henderson.

Meanwhile, governor Charlie Crist says he'll be "asking" the college to return the $6 million previously steered toward the college to build an airport hangar for his developer buddy, Jay Odom.

The trustees can't be happy to have their names associated with this spreading scandal. But, can they summon the courage at today's "special session" to fire Richburg? If not, we expect to see soon a number of them resigning in order to "spend more time with the family."

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Anonymous said...

Clearly 3 of the 7 should be spending more time with family.

One has to wonder how three members could vote to keep this guy in charge