Monday, May 24, 2010

BP Spokeswoman Chucked Out of Pensacola Council Room


Rick's Blog reports that BP's Civic Affairs Director, Liz Castro, was more or less thrown out of the Pensacola city council room today "after the community liaison failed to answer a simple question about the boom decontamination operation BP wants to establish at Pensacola Shipyards on Bayou Chico." Rick says she was only "three pages into her PowerPoint presentation."

Once upon a time, there was a hilarious web site on the Internet called "Power Point Makes You Stupid." It was, wouldn't you know, in the form of a Power Point presentation.

Last we looked, that particular parody had disappeared. But there are a number of follow-ups verifying the eternal truth. Here's one: "Why I Still Use an Overhead Projector: " And here's another: Power Point Makes You Stupid." Not as funny, but still worth reading if you're a BP spokeswoman.

Rick Outzen has in hand a copy of BP's Power Point presentation. Take a look:

Staging operations
Booming strategies

It almost looks as hilariously stupid as the original, long-lost "Power Point Makes You Stupid" parody. From the looks of BP's picture-book presentation, Liz Castro may well have planned to conclude by saying, "Do you get it now, children? Okay, take out your pencils for the pop quiz."

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