Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tarballs at Ft. Pickens

WALA-TV, Mobile, reports tarballs have been found on the beach at Ft. Pickens, which is the National Seashore Park situated at the extreme western end of Santa Rosa Island.

At least one of the tarballs was "new" enough that it reportedly "melted" while being inspected. The station does not mention if lab tests confirm it is from the BP oil disaster.

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Rick's Blog has a little more... And, he wonders if Mr. Oil Spill is "changing sides" after being run over by the truck of bad BP publicity. Too little, too late, too much of a "drill, baby, drill" record, Jeff.


BeachLover said...

Thanks for the link to Rick's Blog, but his headline and first line are nothing but sensationalism, when he terms the location of the tar ball find as on"Pensacola Beach." NO TAR BALLS HAVE BEEN FOUND ON PENSACOLA BEACH. Fort Pickens is NOT on Pensacola Beach, and Outzen should know better. Shame on him for fanning the flames of fear in an already skittish tourist population. Come on down, folks! Pensacola Beach is beautiful!

watkinsvideo said...

Oh, so when Ft. Pickens helps you it is part of P'Cola Bch. When you think it hurts you it isn't. Give me a break, Ft. Pickens is part of P'Cola Bch! It is all still beautiful!