Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BP Spillcam While We Are Out

We're on the road right now, as we have explained. Please watch the spillcam below and leap in to fix BP's leaking well if it looks like it's getting worse. And, feel free to post a message to keep other readers up to date on developments until we return early next week. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...
ZURICH (June 21) -- A Swiss company, working with German partners, has developed a fabric that it says can be rolled out onto the vulnerable beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to help limit the environmental damage of the BP oil spill.

As U.S. authorities and officials at BP consider how to minimize the impact of the oil still flowing from the damaged Deepwater Horizon well, they are taking a closer look at a specially designed material developed by HeiQ Materials, a high-tech textile effects company based in Bad Zurzach, northern Switzerland. The company says its product, dubbed "Oilguard," developed with the TWE Group in Germany, is slated for testing in the Gulf of Mexico over the next few weeks as part of the efforts to clean up after the oil spill.
The fabric, a nonwoven kind of fleece treated with a chemical compound, selectively absorbs oil while repelling water at the same time. In their Swiss lab, company representatives demonstrated on Swiss television how the product can soak the oil out of saltwater and even protect sand from the deposit of oil through wave action.

As they await a final go-ahead from U.S. authorities, HeiQ representatives explained how the vast impact of the oil spill was the "driving force" behind the development of the cutting-edge technology.