Friday, June 04, 2010

Oily Profits vs. Public Safety


Anonymous said...

Yahoo has a story up reporting oil on Pensacola Beach this morning,

Is there any local reporting being done on this? Thanks!

RobertM said...

A couple of posts back you mentioned they had booms at the ready. Unlees they know how to use them, then they are going to do very little. Here's a post you should talk about:
Boom school

Anonymous said...

The booms were for public consumption. Watching Rachel Maddow last night was proof of that. The boom placed off the island she was on hadn't been tended to and it had become displaced.

Such a shame, there are so many volunteers at the ready, but BP wants to maintain complete control, so LA will suffer as will all the gulf states.

Fishgrease is well worth reading, he had it right all along.