Monday, June 21, 2010

Jimmy Buffett Come Monday: June 21 BP Oil Spill Update

1. Oil-cast.

Happy first day of summer! The local forecaster for WEAR-TV says light winds will continue from the south through Wednesday, but even so "most" of the leading edge of oil will remain off-shore. There is a moderate chance of afternoon showers in Pensacola every day. More often than not, that means sunny days on the beach and lovely views of the thunderheads over tghe mainland.

Beach Report # 18 (not yet on-line at this writing) from Escambia County Response says, "Early morning reports indicated Pensacola Pass had tar balls and mousse in the tide line. The area is being worked."

2. Oil is Beautiful.

Not really. But if anyone can make it appear so, it's Pensacola Beach photographer "Barrier Island Girl. Take a look by clicking here.

3. Jimmy Buffett concert.

The composer of Come Monday, Jimmy Buffett, announced over the weekend that he will be staging a concert "to demonstrate support for the people, businesses and culture of the Gulf Coast" on July 1, in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Country Music Television will broadcast the concert live.
Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band will be joined in the concert by his friends Zac Brown, Kenny Chesney and Sonny Landreth. Other performers will be announced as additional plans develop.
Buffett's new hotel on Pensacola Beach is scheduled for a formal opening the same day.

The PNJ has a slightly different spin on the reason for the concert. It's intended, the paper asserts, "to promote tourism in the region affected by the BP oil spill." A few local business owners are quoted as wishing out loud the concert venue was in Pensacola.

We imagine southern Louisiana fishermen would feel similarly, if they weren't so busy looking for work and leaping at whatever oil-cleaning jobs they can get. The problem is, there just aren't enough Jimmy Buffetts.

Interestingly, local condo developer Robert Rinke was talking of trying to promote a Buffett concert on Pensacola Beach three weeks ago.

4. Tourism confab.

Rinke also played host over the weekend to a conference of hoteliers and other tourist-oriented members of SouthCoast USA.
Tourism bureau officials from each SouthCoast USA destination also announced they have signed a joint letter requesting BP to grant $10 million in marketing and advertising funding designated for the purpose of promoting tourism to the region.
5. Beach Meeting Reminder.

Locals are reminded that District 4 County Commissioner Grover Robinson IV will be hollding a 2-hour 'town hall' meeting in the SRIA's meeting room Tuesday night, starting at 6 pm.

6. Media Reminder.

Here's another reminder: Do not believe anything former Bush speech-writer Dana Perino says about the state of Minerals Management Service under the Bush Administration. She suffers from severe memory loss, as Media Matters conclusively demonstrates.

7. Whitehouse Nails MMS.

Speaking of MMS, a reader pointed us the other day to a floor speech late last week by U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI). Over the past few years, Senator Whitehouse has demonstrated a firmer grasp on facts and law than almost any other senator in that often-dysfunctional body. He's definitely an authority on what went wrong at MMS.

A synopsis of what he said is here. But it cannot convey the verve with which he said it.

Do yourself a favor. Turn on the speakers and watch the rare site of a candid, honest, and smart politician saying what needs to be said:


Daniel Ewert said...

Great job staying on top of the oil issues. I have enjoyed looking through your blog.

Scott Lamar said...

I'm leaving this everywhere I can find, for JB: There is a disaster of unimaginable proportions right in your back yard Jimmy!
Nothing but love for ya Bro, but I've gotta call ya out on this one! One free show? C'mon Jim!!! I believe that it's time to roll up your sleeves and go to work for the people of the Gulf Coast! One Free show a week is more like it!
You and many other have made millions writing and recording songs about the people and places directly affected by this tragic event. You should do a show a week, moving up and down the beaches ALL SUMMER LONG!
We should all work to get the folks over the hump and then we can all go back to making millions!

Anonymous said...

Gulf Shores needs a big infusion of cash, and one show will do that. More importantly, it will get national news coverage and it will burn through the Parrot Head grapevine in record time. :)

Dr. David Livingston, D.C. said...

Thanks for keeping us abreast of the summer issues in the gulf. On a side note, I was listening to Radio M last night en-route from Key Largo and was wondering if JB ever released that east Hampton concert. said...

Oh my god, there's so much worthwhile information here!