Saturday, June 05, 2010

Mid-Day Pensacola Beach Oil News

From Escambia Disaster Response:
  • This morning, Saturday, June 5, reports have been received that more tar balls and mats have washed ashore on Pensacola Beach. Initial reports are that the extent of this second impact is less than the initial one. Unified Command has deployed clean-up and assessment teams.
  • The oil sheen is reported less than one mile off the shore.

  • On the morning of Friday, June 4, tar balls and tar mats, ranging in size from 3 cm to 18 cm in size, washed ashore on a widely scattered areas on Pensacola. The unified command deployed over 300 people as part of clean-up, assessment and boat crews to the affected areas.

  • Pensacola Beach is open for business.
In an earlier advisory EDR mentioned that Northwest Congressman Jeff ("Mr. Oil Spill") Miller "will have a media availability at 11:15 am" at some distant location on Airport Blvd. in Pensacola -- just about as far as one can get from the oily beaches and still be inside the Pensacola city limits.

We're sure everybody is real sorry to have missed him. Many of us were too busy wiping his tarballs off the beach.

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Halley said...

Can anyone tell me if the oil is in Santa Rosa Sound yet? I am writing at 11:30 Sunday