Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blue Angels 2.0

The Blue Angels' annual air show on Pensacola Beach has been rescheduled for today, Sunday. "Today's show will have the same lineup of civilian planes ushering the arrival of the Blue Angels at 2 p.m.," the PNJ reports.

The weather is expected to be much like yesterday: partly cloudy and warm with a 60% chance of terrifying lightning storms and torrential downpours.


Anonymous said...

I was at this show with friends. It was a lot worse than any of the photos showed. The authorities did not to my knowledge let anyone know that dangerous cloud to ground lighting was to be expected and this information was available early that morning.

It was a quick and chilling rain that materialized within 3-4 minutes after the first rain drops were noticed. Lighting began to strike in multiple locations on the beach as people tried to find shelter under aluminum supported umbrellas and tents. Mothers ran with infants to what appeared to be shelter. A bar was the only shelter, already filled with people, drenched and trying to wait the worst out. The storm seemed to lighten only to intensify.

The storm seemed to last around two hours. It rained for the rest of the afternoon. Those who left the beach could not leave the island. I heard reports that emergency vehicles were able to get victims to the gulf shores hospital in around 10 minutes. Dreaming.

A friend of mine experienced a shock that numbed his arm for several minutes. Lucky. We saw another who had the same experience.

No. I did not check the weather my self that morning. It was by any stretch a very scary experience.

Anonymous said...

What a day from Hell. I went for the first time and assumed with all the announcements "Boogie Inc." was making they would have said something about the weather. Was NOONE watching the weather radar. I experinced a shock in my hand as I was trying to keep my umbrella from blowing away. What a nightmare. Where were the "professional" Navy personnel? Why wasnt there some forward observer watching changing weather conditions?