Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama Art Index

Today's Wall Street Journal reports on the brisk market for "Obama related art work." Like the Obama book index which we mentioned over a year and a half ago, political posters, prints, paintings, and billboards -- even ragged, torn-off pieces of billboards -- about Barack Obama look like a better investment these days than the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Tellingly, the WSJ observes, "there appears to be little demand for art promoting Sen. John McCain... ."
According to statistics from eBay, only six McCain-related art items sold on the site in the past 60 days, with an average selling price of $57. That's compared with 889 Obama-related art items that have sold in the past 60 days, with an average selling price of $127.
Indeed, the market for what might be called Obama Poli-art is so brisk there's even a web site devoted exclusively to the study, analysis, pricing, and collection of the stuff.

But is it art? you may ask. Who cares? we reply. If a Campbell's Soup can is considered art, anything can qualify.

Even perhaps, an anti-McCain poster.

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