Monday, July 07, 2008

'Borderline Bertha' Becomes A Hurricane

The second-named Atlantic Basin tropical storm of the season has become a hurricane as of 4 am CDT Monday. At the moment, much about Hurricane Bertha remains borderline -- strength, direction, and possibility of landfall. Some models continue to project a slight strengthening, then sheering winds as it makes a slow, harmless turn northward into the northern Atlantic. But if the hurricane slows for too long, it's possible steering currents will eventually weaken.

Landfall somewhere along the North American landmass then cannot be excluded. Not yet, anyway. Simply put, NHC says "it's too early to say":
A continued west-northwestward motion with a gradual decrease in forward speed is expected during the next couple of days... as Bertha remains over the waters of the central tropical Atlantic. It is still too early to determine if Bertha will eventually affect any land areas.
Inquiring minds can keep up with Bertha at Jim Williams' Hurricane City. Itchy fingers can join in the HC Message Board there.

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