Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swift Cover Story

You knew Jon Swift would have a thing or two to say about the satirical New Yorker cover, didn't you? Well, he did and he has:
I must say I also agree with many in the liberal blogosphere who believe that satire and most other kinds of humor should be avoided at all costs. I have long been opposed to satire, which just causes unhealthy confusion and, like fluoridated water, weakens our body politic. How can we fight an enemy that doesn't have any sense of humor at all if our media is distracting us with such esoteric and ill-advised attempts at comedy?
* * *
The next time the
New Yorker tries to run a satiric cover, they should include a label that says "Satire" in very big letters just as they label all of their advertisements. Although I am not generally in favor of solving problems with legislation, the time may have come when the government needs to mandate warning labels for satire like they do for cigarettes.
One of Jon Swift's creative readers helpfully adds in the Comments section that the next time the New Yorker dares to publish a satirical cover. the cover should be wired like a musical greeting card, only with a laugh track to make the "intention clearer."

And Swift has more... ha ha ha.

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