Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Indictment to Somewhere


Ted Stevens (R-AK), the longest-serving Republican in the U.S. Senate, former Appropriations Chairman, and author of the infamous "bridge to nowhere" bill has been indicted by a grand jury on multiple corruption charges. Sources have told CBS network, "Stevens faces seven counts of false statements involving VECO, the oil services company in Alaska, and the renovations done on his home."

The indictment is the latest chapter in a long-running "political corruption probe" of powerful Alaska Republicans in service to the oil industry via bribes and extortion. Last year, federal law enforcement officials raided Steven's home after his politician-son was named as the recipient of oil company bribes.

Here's a re-cap of a CNN report from that time:

7-29-08 PM
The indictment is here [pdf warning].

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Anonymous said...

According to kos it is too late for a Republican to file and run for Stevens seat now. hahahaha

Another one bites the dust!