Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blue Star Families for Obama

One thing to look for when Michelle Obama visits Pensacola today are Blue Star families. It's been mostly under the media radar even in a military town like this, but Michelle Obama has been meeting quietly with military families for some time, gathering their views on how the needs of military spouses and children can be better met.

"Navy Blue Wife" is one of those. As she reported on the Motley Moose Blog:
Barack and Michelle Obama, along with Joe and Jill Biden, have actually listened to both our frustrations and cheers. Michelle Obama has held roundtable discussions with many military families, and she has adopted our cause as a primary focus area in the campaign. In just two short months, BSF4O has generated chapters in 24 states, helped to host a care package service event at the DNC in Denver with Michelle Obama, attended dozens of rallies and roundtable discussions about military family issues, and hosted house parties across the country.

Keep in mind, we admire McCain's service to our country, but we cannot support his vision for our future in large part because of his continued refusal to provide real support to our troops, veterans, and the military community.

Reminder: Michelle Obama will be at the Pensacola Civic Center today. Doors open at 10:30 am. In the meantime --


idealistlefty said...

Thanks so much for getting our message out there. We are pro-military, pro-Obama. We believe in Sen. Obama's ability to restore our leadership in the world. As military families we want to make sure people are educated on how both candidates have voted on veterans and military issues. Please check out our website at www.bsf4o.com! Sen. Obama has the judgment, temperment, and intellect to lead a 21st century military.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out on your blog! And more importantly, thanks for your help in supporting Obama and military families!