Thursday, October 23, 2008

Panhandle Prejudice

Yesterday we had a brief conversation inside a small retail shop with a 60's-something customer in grime-stained painter's pants. He was missing several teeth:
Him: Palin's got more experience than Obama.
Us: Have you read Obama's autobiography?
Him: Don't gotta read nothing.
Us: Did you know he graduated from Columbia University with a major in international relations?
Him: Palin's right next to Russia. Anyway, I meant administrative experience.
Us: Did you know he was president of the Harvard Law Review, supervising nearly a hundred lawyers-to-be in the world, every one of them convinced he's the smartest guy on the planet?
Man: He ain't never had a real job.
Us: Are you aware he taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago? He also --
Him: [turning to leave] Anyway, he's the wrong damn color.
Dept. of Amplification

It seems John McCain is planning a "Joe the Plumber" tour of Florida with Charlie Crist. So far, though, no actual plumber. Maybe they'd like "Him" to tag along.

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