Friday, October 10, 2008

Heard Around Town - Financial Panic Edition II

People are still talking to us, as easily as before.
(Elderly, stout man in wheelchair while renting a $1 movie from a coin machine at Walmart): "Of course I'm voting for Obama. All my life the Democrats have given me the best laws. Social Security, union protection, Medicare, pension protection."

(Thirties-something Bubba in ballcap and T-shirt, about to enter a beat-up pickup in a grocery store parking lot, when we idly asked who he was voting for: [embarrassed look on his face]: "Obama. Got to."

(Retired military acquaintance in his seventies, Tuesday evening): "I've lost $135,00 in the market. I don't know what to do. Just ride it out, I guess."

(Gulf Breeze retail shop owner, gazing at a small TV in the corner of the customer area): "Good thing I'm too poor to have any stocks."

(Ex-spouse, in a friendly email from out of state): "So my investments have tanked and a noreaster ripped up the beach house in ____, taking out a lot of our dune and the beach access. I just hope the market recovers so we can sell this house before the dune disappears!"

(Elderly life-long Republican friend, in an unexpected phone call): "You have any idea where's a safe place to put my money?"

(Neighbor, employed in the wholesale food service industry): "We're seeing restaurants closing every week. Gonna be a lot more, I think."

(Corporate attorney working for a business law firm): "New business is zero, except for our bankruptcy section. They're doing well."

(Woman employed at a local bank): Are we making loans? Sure. With 100 percent down."

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