Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain's Muddled Mind

"Republicans acknowledge that McCain's efforts to connect on economic policy have been muddied by an ideological incoherence."
John McCain's inability to get in front of the economic challenges facing the nation is beyond baffling. You know the history:
  • First, he says the economy is just great.
  • Hours later, he says we're facing an economic crisis.
  • Next, he says he's going to suspend his campaign (and offers to delay the second presidential debate) which in some way will help the economy crisis.
  • Then, he doesn't.
  • He says he's going to fly straight to Washington to lead Congress out of the wilderness and pass a rescue plan.
  • Then, he stays in New York and, later, phones it in from Virginia.
  • Next, he says he supports the congressional rescue plan - and even votes for it.
  • Once back on the stump, he urges Bush to veto the bill because it contains "excess" spending.
  • Late last week, campaign spokesmen claimed McCain would be announcing a new economic plan on Monday which would call for more cuts for the rich in their capital gains taxes.
  • Then, he won't.
Now, McCain says he'll be coming out with new economic plan today. As Rachel Maddow says, below, don't hold your breath. If you want to hold your breath anyway, count on this: McCain will revise his revision as soon as he comes to understand it, just as he did with his mercurial housing crisis plan.

John McCain: Changes of mind you can count on.

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