Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the Phony Plumber from the Florida Panhandle

Looks like John McCain's game-changing latest "media darling," just like the other one, is an unqualified phony.
  • He's not a licensed plumber
  • He can't lawfully work under someone else's license
  • He's never taken the required Ohio plumbing courses
  • He never finished the required plumber's apprentice program
  • His employer isn't licensed in Joe’s county
  • He presently owes $1,182 in back taxes
  • His last reported annual income was about $40,000
  • Now, he's telling reporters he doesn't want any tax cuts from Obama
  • Tax authorities long ago slapped a lien on his property
  • He doesn’t appear to have the money to buy a business
  • He's registered as Republican under another name
  • He doesn't vote much
Here's the kicker: the Toledo Blade reports that he was reared and educated in the Florida panhandle. Who'd a thunk it?

1 comment:

Redford said...

You would think the people running McCain's campaigh would have done a thorough background check of this guy. That failure aside surely it can't be too difficult to find a republican who has done their plumbing courses to fill the role of 'Joe the Plumber', all that's required is for you to read a script...