Wednesday, January 07, 2009

AirTran Travel Alert

Normally, we do not do crossword puzzles. But when flying through Atlanta, the frequent delays compel travelers to use every time-wasting tool at their disposal.

So, before we leave behind that New England vacation of ours with all the memorable photos we took, we want to alert everyone who plans to fly on AirTran this month that the crossword puzzle in the airline's January issue of "Go" magazine has an error.

The given clue for 48-down is "Moline native" -- with five letters. Crossword puzzle writer Tom Schier to the contrary notwithstanding, the answer should not be "Iowan."

But it is in Airtran's world. The weird thing is, Airtran has a direct flight from Pensacola to Moline. Let's hope the pilots know that Moline is in Illinois.

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