Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google Search Hacked


We're no techie, but it looks to us as if the Google search function has been hacked today, January 31, 2009. Some time after 8:00 am CST Saturday morning, anyone going to and searching for any subject was met with the usual list of web sites, with two differences.

First, every listing included the warning, "This site may harm your computer." Here's a screen shot we got when we searched for "google search january 31, 2009."

Second, every effort to click on any link Google Search provides brought up a redirect page that read, "Warning - Visiting this site may harm your computer!" Her's another screen shot:

The hack presented no danger to an individual user's computers. Nor did it interrupt in any way direct access to any web site, for example by using your browser's bookmarks.

Even as we write this, signs are showing up that Google engineers are on top of things. We expect to return to our regular programming soon.

1-31 noon

Google wasn't hacked, according to Google, it was the victim of "human error." Click here for the official explanation.

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