Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ink It

If there really is a Hell, it must have frozen over. Today's Pensacola Newsletter actually is running a rational, informed, and well-written "Viewpoint" editorial about church and state, by local lawyer Bruce Partington. Much better use of ink than this.

Here's a snippet:
The religion clauses are intended to protect those, who might believe differently, from the "fury" of the democratic majority, and to prevent the imposition of that faith on others who might believe otherwise.

Our Constitution strives to maintain a delicate balance between accommodating and not inhibiting the exercise of religious faith by citizens, while at the same time proscribing governmental actors from doing precisely that.

The wisdom of our Founding Fathers in balancing those competing interests has shown its value time and again. Unfortunately, that wisdom often comes under attack by well-meaning people of faith who incorrectly perceive the courts to be doing something other than what they are specifically charged to do — to protect the rights of all citizens, not just those in the majority at a given moment.
* * *
It takes bravery and wisdom to issue a ruling you know will inspire not mere disappointment, but "fury" by those who disagree with it. Judge Rodgers has shown us the bravery and wisdom we expect in our federal judges; for that she deserves our support as Americans and citizens under our Constitution.

If the PNJ is going down, at least let it go down proudly, having tried its best to educate the public, rather than pandering to the ignorant mob.

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