Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ranking Badness

Escambia County sheriff's office spokesman Sgt. Ted Roy apparently told Pensacola Newsletter reporter Thyrie Bland, "right below" sex offender "is someone impersonating a police officer."

An arguable ranking, perhaps, if the sergeant is speaking in ascending order of badness. Some might suppose a sex offender is worse than a police impersonator. But go with it for purposes of discussion.

Where on the badness scale should we place a news reporter whose lede teases, "Charlie Hamrick is glad his daughter followed her instincts" ... but who then neglects to tell us what it is the daughter did when a cop impersonator stopped her on the highway?

Our spouse is the most dedicated daily newspaper reader we know. She reads the PNJ cover to cover every morning, day in and day out, without fail. Lately, however, even she has been asking why we continue the subscription.

News articles like this one make it hard to come up with an answer.

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Anonymous said...

A new cost cutting move! Combined news and puzzle. Guess the news.