Friday, August 26, 2005

Katrina's Wobbly Projections

Hurricane Katrina lost little of its power after hitting North Miami about 7 p.m. and crossing over the "the relatively moist everglades" Thursday night. The Category 1 hurricane is now in the Gulf of Mexico, heading west-northwest.

Early this morning, an NHC meteorologist told National Public Radio's Morning Edition that current projections are it will strengthen and make a second landfall "anywhere from central Florida to the Florida panhandle."

The worrisome thing for Pensacola residents is that official storm projections now are shifting the projected landfall point more westerly away from yesterday's 5-day target of Apalachicola.

First, experts had it headed for Pensacola. Then, they shifted the projection cone toward the east. As of now, the dynamic archive of storm projection models shows a path turning westerly again.

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