Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Local Storm Recovery Actions - Updated 2

Back in Pensacola, Joanne Harding said Katrina, which was the sixth hurricane to hit the state since Aug. 13, 2004, resolved any second thoughts she and her husband may have had about moving to the Nevada desert.

"This finished it," she said but added "Ivan wasn't so bad. It was being raped by the insurance companies. I've got boarded up windows from Ivan and the insurance companies are still fighting it."

Pensacola Beach and Gulf Breeze residents are being urged to boil water before drinking.

Update: At least one reason is power at the downtown Pensacola Sewer Plant reportdly failed during Hurricane Katrina. Pensacola Bay water flooded the streets, surrounded the plant, and caused raw sewage to "bubble from low-lying lift stations and manholes downtown."

The News Journal is reporting at mid-day that "one out of 10 gas stations in the Panhandle, from Escambia County west to Jackson County, are out of fuel.

Another 40 percent of stations are short on low-octane grades."

The I-10 bridge over Escambia Bay may be reopening as of noon on Tuesday, depending on the results of an engineer's inspection.

Links to closings, bridge reports, detours, power status, and more are now available on the Escambia County Emergency web site. They're promising to keep the info up to date. We shall see.

Of special note:
Pensacola Beach/SRIA

  • Pensacola Beach is closed until further notice.
  • Bob Sikes Bridge is being evaluated by Florida Department of Transportation.
  • When Pensacola Beach is deemed safe, it will open to residents, business owners and contractors with proper identification and credentials (i.e. annual beach passes for residents, licenses for contractors.)
While Penasacola's Channel 3 has revereted to its usual abysmal daytime programming, WKRG-TV in Mobile continues doing a fine job of updating post-storm warnings, closures, cancelations, etc., in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Here's a sample, as of 10:30 Tuesday:

Navarre Beach access is restricted to residents (With proper beach identification) only. (Four-Wheel Drive for residents is strongly recommended.)

Interstate-10 Bridge in Escambia County, Fla. closed; motorists traveling I-10 Eastbound use this detour: Highway 29 North (Exit 10A) to Highway 4, east to State Road 89, south to State Road 87, south to Highway 90, east to State Road 87, south to Interstate 10.

Interstate 10 - Both the eastbound and westbound lanes are open from the Florida to the Mississippi line.

There's more here.

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