Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Colbert Reports Schneider

We're mildly surprised today to see so little mention around the Sunshine State's political blogosphere about Florida congressional candidate Jan Schneider's triumphant appearance last night on the spoof show, The Colbert Report.

Schneider is running for Congress as a Democrat in the same district Katherine Harris plans to abandon so she can make a fool of herself wrecking trains. As Schneider's campaign web site explains:
In 2004, Jan Schneider held incumbent Katherine Harris to the smallest margin of any House of Representatives election in the State of Florida. In 2006, our former Florida Secretary of State has bowed out of the House race to challenge Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. On the basis of name recognition, qualifications for the job and independent thinking, Jan has the best chance of any Democrat of capturing the open seat in the Florida 13th Congressional District.
So, naturally, the Democratic Party establishment is actively opposing her. Additional proof, if any were needed, that this is a political party that truly has lost its soul.

Agreeing to be interviewed by a comedian takes both courage and smarts on the part of a politician. Comedians like Colbert play for laughs, even if they have to come at the expense of a guest. But Ms. Schneider, a Yale Law School grad, handled Colbert imitating the insufferable Bill Reilly about as well as anyone could.

She smiled at his clowning, cracked a couple of mild jokes of her own, and still managed to get across the seriousness of her cause: running for office on the basis of small campaign contributions from individuals against big-time funding organized by a Democratic Party gone corporate. She also got off the best line of the entire show:
"I'm pretty disgusted with both parties right now: the Republicans for what they stand for and the Democrats for what they don't."
Someone we know in our household was convinced. She stopped by Jan Schneider's campaign web site this morning and made a campaign contribution -- just on principle, since she doesn't live in Schneider's district.

What principle? Says the donor, "She's smart, she's courageous, and she can't be bought."

No wonder neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party wants anything to do with her.

Dept. of Amplification

Jan Schneider's Resume

  • B.A. - BROWN UNIVERSITY (Summa Cum Laude)
  • COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (Masters Certificate, International Affairs)
  • J.D. - YALE LAW SCHOOL(Yale Law Journal)
  • Ph.D. - YALE UNIVERSITY (Political Science)
  • CERTIFICATE - UNIVERSITY of GENEVA (International Organizations)

Award-Winning Books and Dozens of Articles
on Environmental Protection


Florida - New York - Washington, DC


Milton Mike said...

Sheesh. A PH.D. and a law degree. Here in the Panhandle we are lucky if we can get a congressman who has a h.s. diploma. I don't think Miller has one. He talks like a drop out.

Davei said...

I had the opportunity of meeting Jan Schneider and her father a couple of years ago during a layover in the New Orleans airport. She is a bright and curious person, who obviously has a powerful resume. She almost defeated Harris in the congressional race and received the endorsements of local papers, which was unprecedented for a Democrat in recent elections.