Friday, April 21, 2006

Harris Wrecks Train Again

You shouldn't miss Josh Marshall's news about the latest Katherine Harris train wreck. It seems she just can't make the Orlando Sentinel understand whether she did or didn't go dutch at a $2,800 dinner-for-two with convicted scalawag Mitch Wade, who needed congressional help to steal from the U.S. Treasury.

So, to make herself clear, Katherine is going to throw a hundred bucks away on some nutcase who claims to be raised from the dead.

Now do you understand what Katherine really means, Mr. Orlando Sentinel, huh?

No? Well, we don't either.

Amplification Dept.

Harris' campaign staff released a written statement Friday admitting "that she did not pay" for her share of the meal, after all. However, the statement did not explain why she had claimed otherwise earlier when the dinner was mentioned in the context of a plea agreement sending lobbyist Mitchell Wade to prison for bribery and illegal campaign contributions to Harris.

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WanderingHoo said...

$100 to a resurection specialist is probably the best way Harris could spend her money at this point.

It will take a miracle for her to draw more than 20% in the general election. What will be truly fascinating is to see what newspaper editorial boards are just so far gone that they will endorse her anyway.