Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gassy Appearance

The Appearance:

Bush Takes Steps to Ease Increase in Energy Prices
(New York Times)
In addressing energy prices in a speech here, Mr. Bush joined a chorus of lawmakers who have been advocating populist-sounding initiatives to respond to surges in gasoline and crude oil prices and the threat they pose to Republicans in this fall's Congressional elections. [emphasis added]
The Reality:

GOP Blocks Measures Boosting Taxes on Oil Company Profits
(Washington Post)
While Republican leaders sharply criticize soaring gasoline prices and energy industry profits, GOP negotiators have decided to knock out provisions in a major tax bill that would force the oil companies to pay billions of dollars more in taxes on their profits.

* * *
The actions of Republicans hashing out a tax bill behind closed doors indicate that, despite tough talk from the White House and Capitol Hill, the party is not ready to hit the oil companies hard -- even on measures that have broad support in the Senate. [emphasis added]

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