Saturday, April 29, 2006

Patriotic Reading

Glenn Greenwald, author of the forthcoming book "How Would A Patriot Act?," has posted an extended essay with reliable links brimming with details -- shocking details, even to skeptics who are not easily shocked -- about the Bush administration's aggressive secrecy campaign. It's called "Building the Secrecy Wall Higher and Higher."

Here's just one -- and far from the latest or worst -- in a string of outrages:
In November 2001 President Bush issued executive order 13233 that would permit former presidents to independently assert the state secrets privilege to bar disclosure of records generated during their tenure.

More than that, the Bush order would make the state secrets privilege hereditary, like some divine right of kings, enabling the heirs of deceased presidents to assert the privilege after their death.
How would a patriot act? He'd read the whole thing.

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