Sunday, November 23, 2008

Citigroup: Always Awake to Take Your Money

Via Atrios and the New York Times, we learn that the Citigroup banking conglomerate, which already has gobbled up $25 billion of your tax dollars and now wants more, has begun running expensive full-page self-promotional ads in newspaper across the nation. Here's the Times' explanation (boldface ours):
In a series of ads set to run in major metropolitan markets on Sunday, Citi plans to tell its customers that its business is fundamentally sound. It acknowledges that “our financial markets have been tested in unprecedented ways,” but argued that it has the diversity and experience to pull through. It throws out a few numbers, in particular 100 (the number of countries it’s in) and 200 (its years of experience and the number of its customers).

The ad concludes: “That’s why now, more than ever, you can feel confident that Citi never sleeps.”

In case you were wondering, the CEO of that "sound" banking mega-corporation, Charles O. Prince, altogether last year took home $25,520,621 in salary, bonuses (for doing such a great job, don'cha know) and stock options.

Here's the ad they doubtless want you to pay for, too:

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