Thursday, November 06, 2008

Divorcing Sarah

The knives have come out for Sarah Palin; not an unexpected development. Losing campaigns usually disband amidst bitter recriminations, finger-pointing, blame assignment, and all the rest.

As Steve Benen says, "It's hard not to watch this trainwreck play out." Especially so when it's so hilarious.

Among the many, the Los Angeles Times has the most complete blow-by-blow of what resembles a stormy marriage now dissolving in acrimony.
  • Palin didn't know Africa was a continent -- she thought it was a country.
  • She couldn't name all the countries in North America.
  • In addition to $150,000 in new clothes for Palin, it seems someone is getting the credit card bill for $20,000 to $40,000 in new threads for Palin's husband, Todd, and the kids -- including for "thousands of dollars in shoes."
  • Top McCain foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann was fired for dissing the staff. No, he wasn't fired at all, Scheunemann shoots back from his desk at McCain campaign headquarters.
Elisabeth Bumiller of the other coast's Times has more:
  • McCain and Palin had a "difficult relationship;"
  • the vice-presidential candidate was "wobbly and tongue-tied" in news interviews because she didn't prepare;
  • she was inexcusably clueless when Audette and Trudel put one over on her;
  • etc. etc., blah blah blah.
Newsweek is reporting, and Newsday repeats, that Palin's wardrobe was "way more than $150,000." Which leads to our favorite Palin rumor -- that "Republican National Committee lawyers were likely to go to Alaska to conduct an inventory and try to account for all that was spent."

Just remember -- it's all a side show. As we have predicted, bigger powers than leaky McCain campaign staffers and the press will be bringing Sarah Palin down -- hard -- before she ever thinks of running for national office again.

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