Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Massacre Motive

Of course. It would be about organized religion. It almost always is, both here and there:
In the Bombay I grew up in, your religion was a personal eccentricity, like a hairstyle. In my school, you were denominated by which cricketer or Bollywood star you worshiped, not which prophet. In today’s Mumbai, things have changed. Hindu and Muslim demagogues want the mobs to come out again in the streets, and slaughter one another in the name of God. They want India and Pakistan to go to war. They want Indian Muslims to be expelled. They want India to get out of Kashmir. They want mosques torn down. They want temples bombed.
Less convincing is Suketa Mehta's argument that "the best answer to the terrorists is to ... make even more money... ." Isn't that what Osama bin Laden has a lot of?

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