Friday, November 07, 2008

Pensacola's Palin Crush

Rebekah Allen of the PNJ has a profile today in the PNJ not so much about Sarah Palin but about all the Pensacola right wingers who have a political crush on her.

It's a pity that she writes it straight. There's so much in what locals said to her that is hilarious.
"She wasn't afraid to say that she believes in God and goes to church," said the Rev. Bob Meldrim, executive pastor of Marcus Pointe Baptist Church. "She walks the walk, she doesn't just talk the talk. She has clearly chosen the biblical route."
Yeah. We see that all the time -- people afraid to say they go to church. You've probably seen them, too, cowering alongside the biblical highway, shaking with fear that someone might find out.

But top prize goes to Joceyln Evans, who is identified as an "assistant political science professor at the University of West Florida." She told reporter Allen that media "coverage of Palin's candidacy demonstrated subtle prejudices toward women."

We've put the good professor's gem in boldface, below:
"They make a big deal about her wardrobe," Evans said. "But there's not a lot of looking into how much the male candidates spent on their clothes. She's a woman, so she's a shopper, but the other candidates look pretty well dressed, too, if you ask me."
Isn't there something -- well... um -- stereotypically sexist about that? If we were in college, we'd want Prof. Evans to be giving out grades. Her equation is as simple as it is chauvanistic, in the modern transmutation of that word:

Woman = Shopper

With thick-headed acolytes like the good Rev. Meldrim and Prof. Evens behind her all the way, Palin is sure to carry two or three counties in the nation, in the highly unlikely event she ever runs for national office again.

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panicbean said...

Adam B, a front pager at daily kos has a post up this a.m. likening Palin to Nixon. Most folks disagree, and rightly so, with Adam, but I thought you may want to check it out.

Is she like Nixon or comparable to him? I don't see it, myself.

I have always seen her in the more biblical sense, that of a true Jezebel.

**wink wink**