Thursday, January 26, 2006

G.O.P. Leader Discriminates

You can't get much more cynical than this grotesque pandering to the nutty Religious Right in Florida.

State senator Sen. Ken Pruitt, who's already been elected by his fellow Republicans to lead the legislature this year, wants to "force liberals in the Florida Senate to take a stand one way or the other." He's promising to do this, apparently, by passing a statute that would re-write the Pledge of Allegiance to include the Boy Scouts.

Hard to say just where he wants to put that amendment. Maybe the part about "...indivisible, with liberty and Boy Scouts for all." But...

... the Boy Scouts? Boy Scouts?

Just what does Pruitt have against the Girl Scouts? Or the Brownies?


Kendrick P. said...

I like girl scout cookies. We should pledge allegiance to them too

Scott said...

My God, what a dick! Talk about doing something for purely political reasons. I hope the independent redistricting deal goes through so we can get some of these Republican clowns out of office.

theBhc said...

This was a good grab. Has Pruitt been this much of twit in the past?