Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Trigger Happy

You may remember the national news story that broke here in Pensacola just before Hurricane Ivan swamped everything but storm stories. Even the National Enquirer covered the incident, we're told.

In many publications and blogs of the time, the headline writers just couldn't resist: "Dog Shoots Man."
"On Sept. 6, 2004, [Allen] Bradford was holding two puppies, trying to shoot them in the head, when one wiggled, sending a bullet into Bradford's wrist. Bradford had shot and killed three puppies before he was wounded himself."
The puppy walked on a plea of self-defense. The "perp" as they say on Law and Order, turned out to be a grown adult who was trying to kill him.

Today's PNJ writes the end of the story (we hope): "Jerry Allan Bradford, 38, pleaded no contest to three counts of killing an animal and was sentenced to one year on probation, court records show. Three additional charges of cruelty to animals were dismissed."

Employees at the Escambia County Animal Shelter tell us today that the puppy, whom they named "Trigger," was adopted shortly after the incident and is believed to be well and happy.

That would make him him "Trigger Happy," if we were the kind who would write a headline like that.

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