Monday, January 23, 2006

News Journal Correction


In Sunday's newspaper, the long-rumored feature article about Pensacola area bloggers finally appeared, with a top-of-the-page photo of Pensacola Beach photo blogger D.J. Zemenick ["Barrier Island Girl"] and her midget friend, Pee Pup.

A caption below the photo misidentified the furry midget as "PJ". The News Journal deeply regrets the error and offers its sincere apologies to Pee Pup.

We won't make that same mistake again.


Kendrick P. said...

SPLATTT! I spit my coffee all over the monitor.

Barrier Island Girl said...

You're always an original! Poor Pee Pup's developing a split personality:

PJ: "You talkin' to me?"
Pee Pup: "You talkin' to ME?"
PNJ Pup: "You TALKIN' to me?"