Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Update: Reporter Jill Carroll

The overnight news from the Mideast is, "abductors of U.S. journalist Jill Carroll have threatened to kill her if the United States does not free Iraqi women prisoners within 72 hours... ."

The Christian Science Monitor is publishing periodic updates about their reporter, who was kidnapped in Iraq more than a week ago.

Things seem to be worsening in Afghanistan, too, as that nation undergoes what another Monitor reporter calls "re-Talibanization of Afghanistan".

Update - 12 noon

The BBC is reporting that "six of the eight women being held by coalition forces in Iraq have been released early" by the Iraq Justice Ministry. The stated reason is, "because there was insufficient evidence to charge them." U.S. forces, we are told, "stressed... that decisions over such matters were ... unrelated to any other operational activity."

Yeah, right.

You do have to wonder -- just who, exactly, do we think we're fooling? The kidnappers? (Unlikely), The Iraqi women prisoners? (No way). The whole world? (Whay?)

Or, is this for consumption by us slobs here at home who are financing the propaganda?

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