Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Katrina the Terrorist

The Carpetbagger covers the latest outrage by the Bush administration:
Now, it's official. Congress wants records from an administration that badly flubbed a response to a disaster. The administration is refusing to answer questions and, in the process, is thumbing its nose at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. What are lawmakers prepared to do about it?

When this special committee was created in Katrina's wake, congressional Dems initially refused to participate because they assumed Republicans would be afraid to push the administration, even when necessary. This is a chance for the GOP to prove Dems wrong.

Here's the only question congressional Republicans need to ask themselves in an intellectually serious way: What would they do if this were a Democratic president?
Anything They Say draws the obvious parallel:
"This is exactly the same behaviour it exhibited with the 9/11 commission when that panel was investigating executive incompetence surrounding the failure of the upper management of various intelligence agencies to "connect the dots," despite there having been a hell of a lot of dots."
And a blogger named Andy over at The Last Debate has some fun with all of it:
Bush Administration officials today declined to turn over internal documents related to Hurricane Katrina, citing national security concerns.

"If hurricanes were aware of the tactics we use, they could alter their strategies, making it more difficult for us to prevent the kinds of disasters we saw in New Orleans last year," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

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