Thursday, January 05, 2006

SRIA Income Down

In recent good years, the SRIA collected nearly $6.5 million a year in residential and business lease income. Nearly 12% of that traditionally was earmarked for the infamous slush fund cookie jar known as "advertising and promotion."

Today, Sean Smith reports the SRIA is projecting more than a 25% reduction in lease revenues for 2006. The advertising and promotion budget apparently has been halved. Once again, the long-promised public safety building for lifeguards and EMT personnel has been scuttled. The long-sought residents' recreation center is at best a dim memory.

"We're running on a bare-bones budget," says the SRIA's elected representative, Thomas Campanella.

No doubt, too, the budget is based on the optimistic assumption that hurricanes stay away from Pensacola Beach this year.

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