Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 'Complexity Machine'

Karl Marx was right. Capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction. The bankers will continue to buy the politicians and tilt the laws until the both of them have beggared us all. Exhibit A, via Ezra Klein:

Elizabeth Warren on Consumer Protection (MMBM) from Roosevelt Institute on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

your right! capitalism, practice what you preach. go move to the father land of broken Russia, or better yet, move to China or Cuba, where you can be one with the peaceful, subdued it, don't rant it. typical though. we capitalists wouldn't expect someone of your level to not only enjoy your American Capitalist first amendment right, but to use it for ignorant bashing purposes. smells like .... like... spoiled brat. I bet you live in a nice big capitalist house, and have a nice capitalist neighborhood don't you. Again, practice what you preach. open your home to at least 20 lost souls and live the Marx dream. donate your private property to the state. Yes, Marx does have it right, and you should live by his rules. I'm in need of a place to live on the beach. You need to give up your residence for the common good of the community..... and I'll expect 3 meals a day, from my native taste, and a job, you have to give me a job also. Its my right to have a job. I'm black so you owe me!!! Doesn't matter if Im good at it. Give me your job, hell anybody can gripe like a child about their poor, terrible living conditions, and about those terrible old white men that have made such a terrible, oppressive country out of what was once such a hospitable, educated, technically advanced culture. Yes, European men have contributed zero to your well being and comfort. wait, thats the Arabs, who only gave us thanks for that one. or how about the great, noble, ethical land of Africa, who sold our own people into slavery.....and are given millions of dollars by the terrible capitalists of America to supply food and medical supplies for their people. They use it for good don't they? wait, thats right, they don't. The living conditions of their shanty towns are definitely the direct result of evil white American capitalist pigs, who have not given aid and assistance to Haiti,...... But don't fret. While your busy complaining about how terrible your country is, in the comfort of your nice little warm, cozy beachy home, there are thousands of Christians workers living side by side the people of those camps trying to make things better where their leaders fail, and where you make no such attempts. Those capitalist Bastards!!!!!!!! oh, by the way, who's making all the money off of Marx's book sales? .... ignoramus. happy St. Patrick's Day, those damn Irish Capitalists!!!!!! Down with Guinness! down with beer! Can you believe they are actually selling it and making personal profit from their own efforts?!?!?!?!?!?! I would suggest you try working for a living and earning a pay check, but apparently that is above your Marxist intentions. So, remain in your nice little idle state of breathing and fear no danger, for I will pull your weight... and I've got a feeling, its probably a hell of a lot of weight. "Why U gotta be such a haita!"

superg said...

Anonymous - do you realize how insane you sound? Get help!

BLehman said...

Anonymous writes like he is stupid as well as crazy. He seems ready to go postal.

Lori said...

Got some anger issues, that is for sure. The whole "I work hard, you don't" thing doesn't carry much weight anymore.

Folks are working 2 and 3 jobs, and they still have no health benefits, or retirement plan, or sick days. What they have is minimum wage pay for their "hard work".

Stuff your unregulated capitalism where the sun don't shine is my mantra. We are going down in flames because of the attitude of the anonymous poster.

Blaming the brown people, the last president, or some anonymous subculture of welfare recipients, doesn't really matter when the whole country is facing financial ruin because the few at the top want people to believe they work harder, they work smarter.